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The Local area what to see

Salsomaggiore Terme is one of the tourist hotspots in Italy. The city is found in the centre of an area rich in things to see and do in your free time.

In just a few minutes one may reach Parma by car, a wonderful city of art and elegance with a rich art heritage, culture and gastronomic traditions- Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma ham to name but two.

For lovers of classical music, a visit to the area of Giuseppe Verdi is an occasion not to be missed, especially if combined with a stop off to sample some of the cuisine in the many villages of Bassa Parmense.

Not to be missed is a tour of the castles of the Ducato di Parma and Piacenza, a wonderful village steeped in history from the times of castles, fortresses and aristocratic residences- the home to many a legend about weapons and love.

Fidenza village is only a few minutes away by car from Salsomaggiore Terme, where one may shop for famous luxury designs and international fashion at discount prices.